About Us

At Village, we care about people, not just cars.

Humble Beginnings

Ray Ciccolo, founder of the Village Automotive group, is proud to be a part of America's automotive industry. The car business is at the core of the American experience - not only has the industry helped propel America upward, but its dealer network plays a vital role in local communities across the nation. In many communities dealerships are some of the oldest businesses, not only succeeding by providing valuable services and bolstering the local economy, but also by often being the first to answer a local need or a call for help.

At Village it's about more than the bottom line. It's about an unwavering commitment to the people and communities we serve. At Village, we care about people - not just cars.

About Ray Ciccolo

Ray was born in Cambridge, MA to a family of decidely modest means. What his family lacked in wealth was more than offset by the love and support of a large extended clan and the belief that in America, anything is possible.

Ray's first job was breaking empty bottles into trash cans at the Ritz‑Carlton in Boston. He paid his own way through college and joined the Marines. An entrepreneur at heart, Ray opened a series of Laundromats in the late 1950s.

In the early 1960s, Ray walked into a Rambler/Volvo dealership looking to buy a used car and ended up buying the whole dealership. Ray didn't have any experience with the automotive industry, but he knew that if he could create a workplace in which the culture was one of respect and camaraderie - where individuals treated one another as family members - then the staff would pass that on to the customer and he would have a good shot at success.

As it turns out, Ray was spot on. Today, the Village Automotive Group has expanded across Greater Boston with 9 respected and award-winning locations.

"While much has changed in this business, we haven't lost sight of the fact that treating people with respect defines us." - Ray Ciccolo

The Ciccolo Family Foundation

The Ciccolo Family Foundation was established by Ray Ciccolo in honor of his own family and his family at The Village Automotive Group. Both have played central roles in creating a wonderfully successful enterprise, one which holds at its core a belief in giving back to the community.