Polestar 1

The premium performance hybrid

Only 1500 produced worldwide

Winner of 8 automotive awards

Performance Innovative hybrid powertrain

The Polestar 1 is a performance sports coupe like never before seen. Originally released in 2019, it served as Polestars first production vehicle after having parted ways with Volvo. The extremely limited production run of 1500 units worldwide officially finished in 2022, with only a handful of vehicles left in the United States to purchase.

It offers staggering performance figures from its hybrid powertrain system, combining a twin charged four cylinder gasoline powered engine with two rear axle electric motors and one crank ISG. Combined they deliver a blistering 619 horsepower and 737 lb. ft of torque (1000 Nm).

“Polestar 1 is unlike any car of the road”


Precision design. Engineered to perfection.

No corners were cut, and no costs were spared in the design and production of the Polestar 1, the entire body is made of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) to shave off extra unneeded pounds from the curb weight, while also increasing chassis rigidity. The suspension system for the 1 was developed by Öhlins, a top of the line suspension company based out of Sweden. They designed a fully adjustable Dual Flow Damper + double wishbone (front)/ integral link (rear) system that was specific to the Polestar 1 for optimal performance. Of course, a car with top of the line performance needs top of the line brakes to slow down quickly, which is why the Polestar 1 is fitted with Akebono 6-piston Calipers + drilled/ventilated rotors in the front, and drilled/ventilated rotors in the rear for optimal cooling and braking performance.

The Village Automotive Group is proud to be the first Polestar dealer in New England and to have one of these incredible vehicles available for purchase. If you would like to learn more, schedule a time to see the 1 in person, or would like to explore other available Polestar 1s in the United States, please call, email, or visit us in person.