Why Service Your Vehicle at The Village?

With plenty of independent shops and specialized chain stores (oil changes, transmissions, tires, etc.) seemingly on every corner, why should you drive past them and come to the Village Automotive Group for service? Here are our reasons:


Everyone in our Service Departments is a highly-trained specialist with your particular make. From the Technicians to the Service Managers to the Service Advisors, everyone is required to be trained and certified by the manufacturer on an ongoing, annual basis. While we can service all brands and all types of vehicles, we know our specific brands backwards and forwards, and have all of the latest equipment, software and service bulletins. You'll find us up to speed on the latest model developments, and you won't find us putting regular oil in an engine that calls for synthetic or semi-synthetic.

Warranty Work

Many manufacturer-issued warranties require that vehicles be serviced at one of their dealerships for those warranties to apply. And if there are open recalls or Technical Service Bulletins for a specific model, dealerships not only will know what needs to be corrected, but often will perform these fixes at no cost to you (the manufacturer pays the dealers for the recall work).


Each one of our dealerships has extensive Parts operations in addition to our award-winning Service Departments. That means no waiting a day or two to get a needed part, so you get your car back quicker. And you can be assured that you will get original OEM parts, manufactured to your car's exact specifications.


Inside, outside, all-around-the-car, we can take care of your vehicle's needs. Not only can we fix any aspect of your vehicle, but we also are tire wholesalers (and we will meet or beat any valid tire quote), we can detail your car, we install accessories, etc... There's no need to get your oil changed one Saturday, then spend the next Saturday getting tires, and the following Saturday getting your car cleaned up after a summer of sand or a winter of grime. We'll get it all done for you during one visit, and save you your time.


One of the biggest misconceptions in the marketplace is that dealerships are the most expensive option when it comes to servicing your car. The actual fact is that the automotive business is one of the most competitive industries in the world, and on many - if not all - of the services we offer we are more than competitive. We're confident that you'll be surprised at the value we offer.

It's The Little Things

Online scheduling of appointments, free wi-fi and coffee and popcorn if you choose to wait for your car to be serviced, loaner vehicles/rental cars/shuttle service, clean waiting areas and bathrooms.

Trade-In Value

With the proliferation of vehicle-specific info available on the Internet, cars that have noted service histories can be worth more money at trade-in. Dealerships are often willing to pay more for cars that have been regularly serviced at dealerships (especially their own), because consumers are willing to pay more for cars whose service history they can view online.


All of our dealerships follow strict local, state and federal guidelines for how to properly dispose of used oil, tires, parts, etc.