Car Buying Tips by The Village

Here are some tips and suggestions to help you understand our process and what to expect when you visit

Do Your Homework

The average consumer spends well over a dozen hours researching online before they ever visit a dealership, accessing 20-30 different sites. Many customers come in knowing just as much as we do about specific vehicles, but it is important to do some homework on the transactional side of things as well. Do you know the difference between Leasing and Buying? Do you know your Credit Score? Do you have a budget in mind? An excellent resource to access online is:

AWARE/Americans Well-Informed on Automobile Retailing Economics. This is a site created by the automotive retail industry to educate consumers.

Be Specific

We need you to pick out a specific car. Each and every vehicle we sell is unique, from the colors and options and specifications and accessories it has, to how long it has been on our lot, how many people are looking for that particular vehicle, etc... If it seems like we are encouraging you to make a decision on a particular car... we are.

Your Trade-In

If you are trading in your car, we need to see it and drive it. There are many quality tools and programs online to estimate how much your current vehicle is worth, and you should use them to get a feel for the range of what your car may be worth. But ultimately there is nothing that takes the place of us seeing and - more importantly - driving your vehicle. Once we drive your car, we can give you our concrete opinion on what your trade is worth.


We want to sell you a car. Trust us, it works best this way. And we want you to come back to service your car. And we want you to come back some day and buy another one when you need it. We're in this for the long haul, so the less we can do to tick you off during that initial transaction, the best it works for us.

There Will Be A Lot To Sign

Once we get the components of a deal in place, our Business Managers will guide you through the sea of details associated with buying a car. There will be lots of things to sign, most them them mandated by someone other than us. Unfortunately there is no getting around it. And yes, we will present after-sale products to you which we think make sense to protect your investment.