Giving Back By The Village

We at The Village are proud of what we do, what we are, and how we contribute.

Commitment to Community

Being a contributing member of the communities we serve, giving back to others, treating others with respect, being charitable... those aren't phrases people initially associate with automobile dealers. Yet dealers are usually among the oldest businesses in many communities, not only succeeding by providing valuable services and bolstering the local economy, but also by often being the first to answer a local need or a call for help.

Our commitment to community and charity stems directly from our founder and President Ray Ciccolo. Ray has achieved much in life, but what truly sets him apart is his heart. Ray has never forgotten his humble roots in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His compassion for others and his willingness to always pitch in is evident in the myriad causes which we support.

Giving Back

To see the full range of our efforts, please click over to the The Ciccolo Family Foundation's website.

National Automobile Dealers Association

Each of our stores also has a page on their website highlighting the local charities each supports. Please take a few minutes and watch the video of a speech Ray gave to the National Automobile Dealers Association a few years ago - it does a wonderful job of showing the quality of the man and the generousness of his heart.