Powered by Solar

At Village Automotive we are incredibly proud of our latest green accomplishment

Improving Our Environmental Footprint

Solar power arrays have been added to the roofs at 4 of our dealerships. We now are harvesting clean, local, renewable power and dramatically decreasing our carbon footprint.

With the accelerating pace of the effects of climate change in mind, our organization is trying to do its part on multiple fronts. We've refitted our older buildings with low-flow fixtures and energy-saving lighting upgrades, and our brand-new facilities have been constructed with the environment in mind. We have electric vehicle charging stations installed across our group, as each of our brands rolls out exciting new hybrid and fully electric models. Motor oil, tires and scrap metal are being recycled.

Our solar installs are our biggest green project by far. While the architectural styles of our stores range from century-old brick industrial to modern boxes, the one common feature is flat roofs, which are perfect for attaching solar panels.

Boston Volvo Cars

This facility is a retrofitted and upgraded industrial building - it has 285 solar panels with a total capacity of 95kW. Annual electricity production will be about 118,000 kilowatt hours.

Our Norwell Campus

Solar arrays line the roofs our own new Audi Norwell dealership (484 solar panels) and our rehabbed Porsche Norwell facility (209 solar panels). Combined, the arrays have a total capacity of 274 kW and will create about 340,000 kilowatt hours of electricity.

Honda Village

The oldest building in our group has our largest individual display of 612 panels. Honda will generate 302,000 kilowatts from a 242kW capacity.

What Does this Mean?

In total, the arrays will offset more than half of the dealerships' annual electric consumption. The EPA's online calculator tells us that these installs are the equivalent of:

  • 1,189,303 pounds of carbon.
  • The CO2 emissions from burning 60,702 gallons of gasoline.
  • The energy needed to charge 68,787,620 cell phones.
  • The annual energy use of 65 homes.

Moving forward, we hope to continue to add solar capacity across our group. Thanks for FireFlower Alternative Energy and MassAmerican Energy for their partnership in getting us up and running.