With gas prices at ridiculous levels, there is little doubt that driving an electric car is better for your pocketbook these days. Before electric I didn’t miss having to stop at a gas station, with its frontal assault on your senses and your general well-being. Now I not only get to avoid the stink and the mess, I also don’t have to pay $75 or more for a tank of gas. That’s a win-win!
Yet for all the pluses not filling up has added to my life, I keep circling back to the fact that the actual driving of an electric car is a far better experience than with an ICE vehicle. Better acceleration, more torque, faster, cleaner, less noise, one-pedal driving, no lag, etc… The environmental benefits of electric cars are essential to our world’s future, but electric cars are here to stay not only because we need them, but also because they are better products.
At certain times in life I have had ‘aha’ moments, where you can clearly see how transformative a new product will be. Heat pumps over traditional furnaces, iPods over a CD collection, flat-screen TVs versus tube TVs, and now electric cars versus ICE cars.
Get ready for the transformation – there’s no going back.