Amid ongoing concerns about COVID‑19, please know our top priority is the health and well‑being of our customers and our employees. We understand the uncertainty around the evolving situation, and we’re committed to helping you or your family with all of your automotive needs during this very trying time.

SERVICE, REPAIRS & PARTS: We Are Open 9AM‑2PM Monday Through Friday

Automotive Service & Repair has been declared an essential service, so we have an experienced crew on hand during the week to provide emergency repairs and to help keep your vehicles running.

Many of our customers are medical professionals, work in food service, are in the grocery business or are first responders. If you need your car fixed so you can get to work and help all of us, please get in touch so we can lend you a hand. This offer stands even if you drive a brand different than what we sell ‑ we work on all types of used cars, so we pretty much can fix anything. This is especially true for basic repairs such as tires, leaks, brakes, oil, etc…

As we have been doing for the past few weeks, the following policies are in effect:
– We will thoroughly clean and disinfect any surfaces and keys we come in contact with
– Our employees will practice social distancing
– All payments can be made online or over the phone
– Any loaner cars used will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected
– We offer complimentary pick‑up and drop‑off service
– Parts can be delivered or shipped

SALES DEPARTMENT: Open For Questions & Inquiries

With the Governor requesting that many businesses close and that people stay‑at‑home for the near future, we have temporarily suspended our showroom sales operations. Hopefully this will be a short‑term closure and we’ll be back to serve our sales customers again soon.

IF YOU HAVE SALES QUESTIONS ‑ for example a lease return, or availability of a used car, or purchase options once business is back open ‑ our managers are available to discuss with you. Give us a call, leave us a message if we don’t answer, email us ‑ we are more than happy to get you the answers that you need.

Once we get past this and the state allows dealerships to reopen for sales, we’ll be here to get your new or used car needs fulfilled. And we have a hunch that once it is safe enough to reopen there will be some amazing incentives for those in the market for a new car.

This is new territory for all of us, but we’ll try our best to get you what you need.

Stay safe and strong everyone ‑ we’ll get through this together.

– All of us at Village Automotive