German tiremaker Continental AG has launched its most eco-friendly tire to date. This initiative is a part of Continental’s drive to adhere to ecological goals set by itself, its clients, and various governments.
The company’s latest tire offering, the UltraContact NXT, contains up to 65% sustainable materials. This percentage is the highest among all tire models currently produced by the company. These sustainable materials include recyclable and renewable resources such as silicate derived from rice husk ashes and plastic bottles, the company stated.
The recent development is a testament to the company’s commitment to introduce more sustainable products to the market, noted Continental’s CEO Nikolai Setzer.
The tire’s launch is a significant step for Continental and other automotive suppliers who are facing substantial pressure from car manufacturers and governments to adopt more eco-friendly practices. Numerous carmakers have ambitious aims to shrink their carbon footprints, which largely rely on their suppliers’ ability to minimize emissions and use more sustainable materials.
By 2030 Continental is aiming for its tires to be composed of over 40 percent recyclable and renewable materials, a notable increase from the current 15 to 20 percent. By mid-century, the company aspires to manufacture its tires entirely from green materials.
The eco-friendly tire is slated to be available at European dealerships in July. Furthermore, Setzer indicated that the company is amenable to supplying this tire to car manufacturers for use in new vehicles.