As society and our economy have been hammered by the Coronavirus, you see the true effect of crisis: it has a unique way of clearing away the chaff and showing the true nature beneath. You see it online, every evening on the news, every few seconds on social media, and even in something as mundane as your vendor network.

The positive, proactive reaction from some of our true partners has been amazing. We have had companies significantly reduce their rates, ramp up services, etc… One of our best partners – even when faced with significantly less business in the short term from us – stepped up and helped us out, waiving all fees in the short term. They realized that all of us are in this crisis together.

Even our largest vendor – a company legendary in the car business for never letting the customer’s needs get in their way – has reacted in a positive manner.

To all of those great companies out there who have a soul, who realize the that the only way we all survive is if we support one another, you have our gratitude and our appreciation.