As we enter our 6th month of COVID disruption, one bright light to note is the dedication and excellence of our staff. This has been a hellacious and soul-sapping year, chock full of scary news seemingly every day. We all hold out hope that the corner is close ahead, but as we enter the fall with no end in sight it is hard to stay positive.
Yet our people here just put their heads down – with a face mask on – and plow ahead. There’s a resiliency and a flexibility they have exhibited in these tough times, and while it hasn’t been easy, they have kept their good humor and done the work.

We like to promote ourselves as an award-winning organization – Volvo’s Excellence Award, Audi Magna Elite, Porsche Premier Dealer, Time Dealer of the Year – but the metrics which dictate the granting of those awards are often not easily explained to a non-automotive person. Succeeding for our customers while adjusting to a new normal on the fly truly shows you why we are a decorated automotive company.

Thanks to all of our crew here at the Village – you should be proud of what you’ve continued to accomplish in the toughest of times.