In today’s news about the inevitable progression toward electric cars, we have Ferrari coming out with their plan to electrify their lineup. The first electric Ferrari will hit showrooms in 3 years, after a $4.6 billion (USD) investment to develop fully electric and hybrid models. By 2026 the plan is for 60% of Ferrari’s portfolio to be electrified.

Ferrari is playing catch-up. Porsche’s electric Taycan outsold its iconic 911 last year. There is Tesla of course. And you have brands such as Rimac Automobili, the exciting new electric hypercar brand we recently added to our group.

It’s significant when a brand such as Ferrari gets serious about electricity. Sure it is interesting and important when brands such as Hyundai start pumping out electric cars, but no one has a visceral reaction when driving an Elantra. Driving a Portofino or a Roma is all visceral. Ferrari believes they have the know-how and the ability to create electric cars that stir the soul just like their ICE-powered predecessors. They promise to use their expertise to create electric cars which stand out when it comes to “engine power density, weight, sound and driving emotions.”