Another quirk of our unique automobile business is the preponderance of sites which seek to serve as a storehouse for opinions about us. Whether you like us or have a beef with us, there is no shortage of places where you can offer an opinion: Google, Facebook, Yelp for sure, but did you know about DealerRater, or Carfax, or or a host of smaller car-fixated sites? There are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of reviews about us on these secondary sites.

We hope you avoid leaving your reviews on these one-dimensional, car-oriented sites. These sites exist for advertising – their aim is to splinter off traffic, generate content from you and sell ads to dealers. Sites such as DealerRater will even allow paying dealers the opportunity to try and head-off or preempt a negative review that you post. These minor sites obviously have much less traffic than Google, so substantially less of the public will ever see your review.

The best thing a customer can do is leave your opinion on legit review platforms: Google absolutely, Facebook sure, Yelp if you have to (their algorithm works great for restaurants, less so for car dealers!). When you leave your review on these reputed sites you have a direct channel to the dealer and people will actually see your review. Let us know how we did, even if you ended up disappointed – we would rather hear about it and try and make amends. The only way you be and get better is to understand when you failed to be better.