Amazing to think that our little get together to celebrate Swedish cars will turn 20 on Sunday. Way back when it started last century, we had been the largest Volvo dealer in New England for decades, and had recently brought Saab into our mix when we purchased Charles River Saab and Framingham Saab (aka, Saab City USA). Between Saabs and Volvos we were the preeminent Swedish automotive retailer in America, so our founder Ray Ciccolo thought a celebration of Swedish cars was in order. Two decades later we still are going strong!

SCD used to take place in mid-late October, which basically meant you either had an absolutely glorious, prototypical New England fall day, or it was cold and rainy and raw. After too many cold and rainy and raw events, we worked with the Larz Anderson Auto Museum to move SCD to late summer. That was a good move (although my favorite memories of SCD are from October of 2004 and the intertwining of SCD and the Sox run past the Yankees to the World Series!).

SCD has evolved over the years – it used to be very Saab-heavy, but over time more and more classic Volvos have started showing, so it now has a great balance between the 2 brands. It is great to see the old 544s and Sonetts and the like, some lovingly restored or maintained, some modified into something unique, and some in all the glory of their older age.

And SCD wouldn’t be what it is today but for the efforts of our friend Pierre Belperron, who has been the guiding force behind SCD. Pierre has Swedish cars in his soul, and it shows in the singular awesomeness that happens each year at SCD.

Stop by Sunday at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum and you will not be disappointed, and be sure and check out the SCD page on Facebook for all of the details.