If there was any doubt that all of the energy in the automotive industry is flowing toward electrification, all you have to do is take note of the stock market. Just this week, Volkswagen floated plans to spin off its Porsche division in an IPO valued at more than 90 billion dollars. You can point to Sweden, where Volvo became a publicly traded company last year, and where Polestar is poised to become public this year. Ford is discussing separating its EV operations away from its legacy internal combustion engine business. And of course you have Tesla and its astronomical stock values, plus Rivian and Lucid and Lordstown and any number of electric vehicle startups. Then you have charging/power companies such as ChargePoint, as well as a host of new parts suppliers targeting the electric market.

For Porsche, an IPO helps raise more money to fund its already-sizable investment in electrification, which if successful supercharges the stock price with its potential for growth. Same for Volvo, same for Polestar. Follow the IPOs, follow the money to an electric future.