It really is exciting to be part of the Nissan family again. From sedans to sports cars and crossovers and SUVs and trucks and commercial vehicles, Nissan has a full range of top notch products. It also has one of the coolest little cars around: the Nissan Leaf.

The bestselling electric vehicle of all time, the Leaf is a technological marvel and shows us what the future of driving will be. Instant acceleration and superb handling, hundreds of miles of available range, a connected car app so you can control your car from wherever you want, the ability to refuel/charge just about anywhere and via multiple formats, safety systems galore. All in a package that doesn’t produce any emissions, and which is quiet and smooth to drive.

We have some fantastic electric products coming down the pike: the all-electric XC40 will be transformative for Volvo. The Taycan will be Porsche’s first all-electric sports car – it will go fast ridiculously fast. The Audi e-tron is already here and it is just plain cool. And Honda has the Insight and Accord Hybrid and the Clarity Plug-In Hybrid, with a hybrid CR-V coming which will be a game-changer. But the Leaf has been around the longest, and it is good to have it back in the fold!