Volvo Cars sets global sales record in 2018.

If you have ever driven a Volvo, you are well aware that they are not flimsy cars. Volvos are solid. The edges have been sanded of late, but the bones are still tank-esque.

Heft does not help with fuel economy. Yet Volvo is not one of the car manufacturers out there complaining about higher fuel economy standards. Volvo instead is adhering to its core values while simultaneously realizing that in changing times lies opportunity.

Every Volvo now runs on a 4-cylinder engine. Pretty soon every Volvo will have some sort of electrification, whether it be pure battery power or a gas/battery hybrid combo. Volvos are still solid, they get better gas mileage, and they pollute less out of the tailpipe. And if you like fast, they certainly can meet the challenge presented by the accelerator.

And their 2018 sales jumped over 12%, year over year, while they surpassed 600,000 units sold for the first time ever.

It is great to see an industrial company realize that climate change is real, that they must do their part to help change the world, and then actually do it. Without complaining.