Was poking around the internet today and on cars.com I came across a page that purported to be official home for one of our stores. The trouble is that we don’t pay for cars.com at that store, and the page was riddled with errors. Wrong stores hours, old phone numbers, etc… It is maddening how often this happens.

There are numerous car websites which make themselves out to be comprehensive repositories of all things automotive. Please be wary because they decidedly are not. Carfax has great used vehicle history reports. Cars.com has good listings of used cars. But neither can be trusted to have accurate and up-to-date store info.

There’s a lot of money sloshing around the car business, with lots of websites seeking to extract ad dollars from dealerships. The more eyeballs they “get”, the more money they can try to charge. Cars.com has good listings, but unless a store does business with them and takes the time to update the dealer details, then you have no guarantee that the info is accurate.

The solution is simple: don’t trust cars.com or Autotrader or Carfax or DealerRater or KBB or any 3rd party website when it comes to getting accurate store-specific info. Trust our websites, trust our Google My Business pages, etc… That’s the safest bet.