Read a fantastic article in the New York Times recently about the fight to save Notre-Dame cathedral. Not only was it well-written and informative, but it also foreshadowed the future of news articles. Interwoven throughout the text were instructive graphics which took the reader through the recent fire and the attempts to extinguish it, along with stunning imagery, videos, drawings and links. It was a truly immersive experience, and it indelibly blew away what you would experience in a printed newspaper. Simply put, it was a much better product.

Hopefully we get that same type of innovation when it comes to our dealership websites. Just like a printed article in the newspaper, they do the job they are supposed to: they get information out to the customer in an effective manner. But there are some companies out there that have sites that are transformative in their presentation, such as Tesla or Carvana. I have no idea what their future portends and if they’ll survive a cut-throat industry, but they do have amazing websites. Sites hopefully we will mirror one day.