Remember when you needed 2 keys to operate your car: one for the doors/trunk, the other to turn the ignition? Keys gave way to fobs, and now fobs are giving way to your phone. Polestars and Teslas pair up with your phone, so you don’t have to carry around that fob anymore. Since you’re never, ever without your phone, makes logical sense!

The automotive parts manufacturer Continental is now working on tech where even needing your phone won’t be necessary. They are experimenting with using facial recognition to allow you to access and use your car. The technology involves a camera which can be installed behind an infotainment screen inside your car, as well as integrated into the vehicle’s B-pillar for outside access. In theory you’ll not only be able to unlock your car as you approach it, but you’ll be also able to start your car by looking at the dash.

For those out there who still can’t seem to not misplace their car keys/fob, what a welcome evolution this could be!