The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas has become a significant event in the automotive world. The main reason of course is that cars are chock-full of technology these days, with computer modules showing up in all corners of your car. You also have tech-driven trends such as connected cars and driver-assist and electrification, all of which highlight the rise of tech in the car world. But beyond the actual hardware and software, there is also a big marketing aspect to the rise of automakers at CES. As cars look more and more alike, showing off your new automotive tech at CES gets you some great press. And with traditional events such as auto shows becoming less and less impactful, getting some more buzz online with social media is a great way to spread the word for your brand.

Since we are a Nissan dealer once again – North Shore Nissan in Danvers everyone (!) – we will take note of 2 very cool CES reveals by Nissan. The first is the twin-motor, all-electric crossover concept called the Ariya. The concept sketch looks top-notch, and the electric engine technology sounds fantastic, with the dual motors providing high-torque, precision handling and rock-solid driving stability. But the most important aspect of this reveal is that this concept will evolve into Nissan’s first all-electric crossover, hopefully to be launched in 2021. An all-electric crossover is a game-changer for the brand; since crossovers rule the marketplace, it will appeal to a much-wider audience than the electric Nissan Leaf compact.

The 2nd reveal was slightly less-glamorous, but very cool nonetheless. Nissan highlighted a new lightweight, soundproofing material which can help make car cabins quieter while reducing the mass of soundproofing used by 75%. Nissan says the new lattice+plastic technology is cost-competitive with traditional rubber-based dampeners, which may mean that Nissan can use this tech to reduce noise while increasing the energy efficiency of its vehicles. That’s a true win-win!