Automobile manufacturing electrification plans are inundating our Twitter feeds, so it is good to see an OEM actually walking the talk. Volvo made news yesterday by saying that its entire model lineup for 2023 will have an electrical aspect to the powertrain.
Volvo will have either a mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or all-electric version of all models offered. By 2030 they will offer only pure electric vehicles, and by 2040 their operations will be carbon neutral.
It will be interesting to see how being on the leading edge of the curve impacts Volvo’s future. Barring new EV-only brands such as Polestar or Tesla, Volvo is way ahead of every other OEM in terms of electrification. It wasn’t too long ago – 12 years – that Volvo was languishing under Ford’s ownership, with the future looking decidedly bleak. Now the rest of the legacy ICE industry is playing catch-up. As the oldest Volvo dealer in New England we of course have a vested interest, but it is wonderful to see a company pivot from also-ran to industry leader.